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Small Business Advisory And Consulting Services

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Even the most qualified managers can benefit from competent, objective feedback. We can help your company's management team develop long-term objectives and specific strategies to facilitate your business' future growth and success.


We can provide your business with small business advisory, virtual, interim and temporary accounting and CFO services, business and financial planning, CEO and COO support, project management, cost control services, strategic planning, business valuations, business start up advice, lease purchase analysis, and outsourced accounting services.

Profitability Management

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Profitability Management involves integrating the pricing objectives of often conflicting functional areas of the organization into a comprehensive plan to effectively set and capture prices; and control cost factors.


We can help you attain the greatest value for your pricing strategy by developing an optimal pricing strategy, implementing effective pricing processes, measuring and controlling price at the transaction level and integrating technology with the processes utilized for your pricing strategy.

Our advisory services will include assessing ways to improve your small business profitability by expanding revenue and reducing costs; and examining your business' cost accounting capabilities and potential.  

Strategic Consulting

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Strategic planning is a management process for evaluating your current business, determining your strategic direction, and road mapping your strategic plan into practical actions. A strategic plan explains why an organization exists, what it is trying to accomplish, and the tactics it will take to achieve its goals and objectives.


We will develop the business planning and financial modeling necessary to formulate a forward-thinking, evidence-based strategic plan. We can help you develop your small business strategic direction and then focus on specific actions to put your plan into action.

Cost Reduction

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At DeSmidt Consulting, Inc. we implement and expedite cost savings initiatives for all types of organizations. We combine a data-driven procurement strategy with market proven purchasing techniques to provide significant cost savings to our small business customers.


We specialize in using financial information to identify those areas of the business that provide the greatest opportunity for expense reduction and cost savings resulting in improved value for the organization.

Supply Chain Consulting

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Global studies suggest that many executives rate supply related risks as the top threat to revenue. We can help you minimize risks related to supply interruptions, security threats, weather threats, labor disputes and customer demands.


We instruct our clients on how to identify, manage and monitor supply chain risks resulting in process improvements and improved efficiency.

Policies and Procedures

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Many businesses fail because they have the right strategies but are unable to put them into practice because of failures in the processes necessary to implement those strategies. Whether your business processes are broken or in need of improvements we can help you break through your execution problems.


By analyzing existing processes, identifying bottlenecks and redesigning or improving the processes we can significantly reduce costs and improve satisfaction for all stakeholders in your organization.

We can help define what the policies and procedures should be, review the current policies and procedures, assist in the creation of new procedures and employee handbooks, and ensure that all policies and procedures have been addressed.

Systems Selection And Consulting

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When considering the selection and installation of an accounting software system, you want to be certain to get the one that's best for your business.


We can provide your business with needs and requirements analysis, accounting systems design, chart of accounts design, software selection assistance, procurement management, software installation, implementation and setup, budget monitoring and control, financial statement design, file conversion, staff and management training, on-going support, and guidance.

Management Advisory

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We can help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop solutions that are practical and technically sound. In addition to acting as a sounding board for management, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business.


We can provide your business with product line profitability analysis, inventory and purchasing control, employee benefits planning and analysis, operations and office procedure documentation and advisory services.

Revenue Growth Management

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Your ability to win or lose more business is about alignment - configuring and calibrating key aspects of marketing and sales execution to optimize revenue growth.  Alignment means we're all on the same page, pulling in the same direction. All levels of the organization understand the strategic plan, the critical initiatives that will help to accomplish the objectives, and their individual and/or departmental role in achieving them.  When you think about it, all companies have the same basic ingredients: unique products or services, value propositions, a marketing budget, managers, leaders, people, buildings, metrics, etc. But, within each organization, the system can't perform to its highest levels unless its constituent parts are aligned. 

We can provide your business with tools for greater revenue growth.  We can help you identify opportunities, as well as, analyze the effectiveness of marketing methods with analytics and metrics.

Loan Package Preparation

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A large percentage of small businesses fail in the first few years.  With proper cash flow, yours doesn't have to.   Many feel loan package preparation is overwhelming and even frustrating if you are unsure of what to include in the loan package. Knowing the right time to apply for a loan to help grow or sustain your business is very important when planning your financial future.

We can provide your business with product line profitability analysis, inventory and purchasing control, operations and office procedure documentation and advisory services. We help both start-ups and existing businesses obtain funding to grow their business.  We will work with you to prepare a package for the bank or lending authority. 

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