Strategic Business Planning Services

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Creating a compelling, executable Strategic Business Plan is the single most important thing that a small business owner needs to do. At DeSmidt Consulting, Inc. we can help you develop a business plan to help you grow your business, minimize expenses and develop strategies to improve your competitiveness in the market place.


A Strategic Business Plan is more than a tool to obtain financing. If you have all of your plans and ideas in your mind then preparing a strategic plan helps you clarify your company's direction, and keeps both management and staff focused on the tasks at hand.


A Strategic Business Plan is often needed when starting a new venture, product or service; expanding a current organization; buying a new business, product or service; or turning around a declining business.  The perspective gained through your Strategic Business Plan can make a significant contribution to your company's success, and help you get the funding that you require. In fact, most lending institutions and private investors will not even talk to you without a solid financial plan.


Working with us for your Strategic Business Plan allows us to: 
  • Identify and describe the target customers of your new venture, product or service
  • Identify the objectives to be achieved within a stated time period

  • Develop marketing plans with implementation timelines

  • Develop staffing plans to include the expertise needed

  • Develop management plans to include descriptions of management systems and timelines for implementation
  • Develop financial plans including projected startup costs, operating costs, revenue, profits, and break-even analysis
  • Identify building and equipment requirements including vendors and cost estimates
  • Develop the criteria for measuring the achievement of objectives

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